Weekly Gatherings

At First Presbyterian, we believe spending time together and encouraging one another is crucial in building a meaningful relationship with Christ. When encouragement is absent from our lives, we feel unloved, unimportant, useless, and forgotten. God knows his people are in need of grace-filled reminders, so he calls us to encourage each other every day until his son returns. (Heb. 3:13)

Sunday, after the morning worship service, we invite you to join us as we meet for lunch and fellowship at various restaurants in the area.
On Wednesdays, 5:45–8pm, September through May, we have Bible Study Groups and/or Classes meeting together to delve into the Word of God more fully within a community of believers. Dinner is provided. We invite you to join us for our midweek gathering.

Prayer Groups

We have prayer groups meeting throughout the week to pray for our church and community. You are encouraged to participate in any of the groups. 
Monday mornings at 8:30 we would like for you to join us in the pastor’s office as we meet to start the week off with a time of coffee, prayer, and encouragement of one another. 
Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 we would like for you to join us in the chapel as we meet to pray for one another and for the church.
Fridays at noon we would like to invite you to join us under the Oaks outside. Bring a chair, join in prayer and see God move in your life.